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What is Second Cancer and how to cope with it?

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What is Second Cancer and how to cope with it

Second cancer is new cancer that is totally different from previous cancer. It is unrelated to the previous cancer diagnosis. The advancement in medical science has made it possible to cure certain cancer.

Nowadays, more and more people are surviving cancer than before. Some cancer survivors may lead their rest of the life cancer-free and some may go through the dilemma of second cancer.

The fact is not clear that who are more prone to second cancer but more or less the risk factors are the same for cancer. The following reasons may be the risk factors for the outcome of second cancer.

  • Leading an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Unhealthy working environment
  • Use of tobacco products
  • Unlimited intake of alcohol
  • Lack of regular cancer screening
  • Lack of follow-up with the doctor
  • Family history and genetics
  • Being overweight or obese

The chances of the development of second cancer may have numerous reasons. Though, the exact cause of second cancer is not yet clear. But it is assumed that childhood cancer survivors may develop cancer due to hereditary or genetic problems.

With age the chances of development of cancer increase. The cancer survivor may develop an unrelated new cancer which may be different from the first one.

The risk of development of second cancer is small but prevention must be taken to avert the chances of second cancer.

Many cancer survivors are living longer due to tremendous development in the field of medical science.

It is important for cancer survivor to understand their risk of future health issues and second cancer.

The role of leading a healthy lifestyle for a cancer survivor

It is essential for a cancer survivor to opt-out of the preventive measures to avert the recurrence of cancer and second cancer. It is important to maintain good health for a better future.

To indulge in any sort of physical activity is necessary for them. A certified trainer can recommend the exercises or yoga depending on the health condition of a cancer survivor.

They need to get moving and restrict the timing of sitting and lying down.

 A healthy and balanced diet can help in maintaining a good life. The diet should include all the essential nutrients. They may include whole grains, low-fat dairy, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, etc.

A proper diet helps to restore their strength and gain a healthy body. A well-balanced diet increases immunity and preserves lean body mass.

Maintaining a healthy weight is also important for a cancer survivor. With proper nutrition and a well-knit exercise regime, they can maintain a healthy weight. Drinking an appropriate amount of water is also essential for a healthy body.

It is better to avoid or limit red meat, avoid highly processed foods, sugary beverages, and restrict alcohol. Tobacco has been found to increase the chances of cancer.

People who use tobacco and passive smokers are at higher risk of having the disease. It weakens the body’s immune system.

Cancer survivors can engage themselves in some sort of hobby they are interested in. It would make them feel better and divert their mind into productive work.

By including meditation and yoga in their daily life will help them to keep mental stress at bay.

A healthy lifestyle helps a cancer survivor to avoid the outcome of second cancer. Certain cancers are preventable by adopting a better lifestyle and going for regular screening.

The importance of cancer screening for a cancer survivor

Cancer screening prevents the worse outcome of cancer. A cancer survivor may have chances of recurrence of cancer or second cancer. A regular cancer screening may help to some extent to prevent the outcome of certain cancer.

Cancer screening helps to detect cancer when symptoms or signs do not even appear. It helps in the early detection of cancer and increases the chances of survival.

Cancer screening aids in detecting certain types of cancer. Cancer detected at an early stage has more treatment options but cancer detected at an advanced stage has more risks and the treatment gets more complicated.

Hence, cancer survivor needs to follow-up with the doctor and have cancer screening done regularly to avoid the adverse outcome of second cancer.

The cause of second cancer is not yet clear whether it is the outcome of original cancer or due to the risk factors of cancer. Family history and genetics are some of the risk factors for the outcome of second cancer.

An inherited gene is passed in a family to the next generation. They may have one or several family members with cancer or a certain health condition linked to cancer.

It has been found that a few cancer survivors may have a very small amount of cancer cells in their body even after treatment and may have the risk factor for second cancer.


Second cancer cannot be avoided always but precautionary measures can help to lower the risk of it. Living a healthy lifestyle reduces the chances of second cancer.

Coping with a second cancer is not easier but even not impossible. It is better to talk to the doctor and clear doubts. If the doubts still remain then it is recommended to take a second opinion to clear the doubts and find better and latest treatment options.

An accurate diagnosis and treatment can increase the chances of recovery and survival.

The second cancer is not unusual but the amount is very low and not all cancer survivors are at risk of having second cancer. It is important for a cancer survivor to adopt a healthy lifestyle to lower the risk of second cancer.

A regular cancer screening and follow-up with the physician helps to reduce the risk of second cancer. The fear of second cancer or recurrence of cancer is not uncommon and preventive measures must be taken to reduce its risk.  

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