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How Cancer and Lifestyle are interrelated?

By December 22, 2020No Comments
Cancer and Lifestyle

Cancer is a debilitating disease and may perhaps be prevented by adopting a better lifestyle. The rising number of cancer cases is partly due to unhealthy lifestyle changes. Cancer is the second-highest reason for death across the world.

Nowadays, people have high-stress levels, irregular sleeping hours, unhealthy eating habits, etc. The factors responsible for the outcome of cancer are obesity, diet, environmental pollutants, radiation, tobacco, alcohol, and infectious agents, etc. Cancer may be prevented by avoiding these factors.

A good lifestyle is key to a healthy life

Lifestyle has a profound effect on health and wellness. Some healthy habits can aid in preventing cancer to some extent.

  • Avoid tobacco use – Using tobacco has been linked with various types of cancer including mouth, lung, throat, pancreas, larynx, bladder, cervix, breast cancer and kidney. A passive smoker may also have chances of developing cancer. Avoiding tobacco use is a vital part of cancer prevention.
  • Healthy eating habits – A healthy food habit includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans, etc. in the diet.
  • Limit processed meats – Eating a large amount of processed meat can increase the risk of cancer.
  • Remain physically active and maintain a healthy weight – A healthy weight may lower the chances of cancer. A daily exercise routine must be followed to remain healthy and feel better.
  • Protection from the sun – Avoid midday sun and use sunglasses, umbrella, and cover exposed areas. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen generously and reapply after every two hours.
  • Regular healthcare – A regular health check-up to take care of health issues and a regular screening of cancer to detect cancer at an early stage. An early diagnosis of cancer is treatable and curable. The detection of cancer at an advanced stage gets complicated and treatment gets difficult. It has been found that regular self-exams and screenings can prevent the outcome of various types of cancers.
  • Get vaccinated – Certain cancers can be prevented with timely vaccination such as the Hepatitis B vaccine and HPV vaccine. Hepatitis B increases the risk of developing liver cancer and Human papillomavirus increases the risk of developing cervical and squamous cell cancer of the head and neck.

In India, over 11,57,294 lakh new cancer patients are registered every year. The figure is bothersome and initiative must be taken to prevent the disease.

Cancer takes so many lives every year and to prevent it a healthy lifestyle, regular check-ups, and screening of cancer are very important. Awareness of the disease can also help to combat the disease.

Today’s young generation is tomorrow’s future and they need to get educated on developing healthy habits.

A little awareness among the population can bring a bigger change in the scenario. The initiative should be taken to promote a healthy lifestyle among the population to fight the daunting disease of cancer.

Today’s generation leads a very hectic and fast life. They don’t even have the time to eat properly and healthy food. The intake of frozen and fast food has become a daily routine.

They don’t have time for any physical activity. All these habits are deteriorating their health and making them live an unhealthy and stressful life.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle cannot be overlooked. The increasing rate of cancer and other life-threatening diseases can be prevented to some extent by bringing a few healthy changes in the lifestyle.

To devote some time to oneself is not a big deal. It will help them in the future to have a healthy and quality life. Health is an important aspect of life and must be taken seriously.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle for a cancer patient.

A healthy lifestyle can improve the health of cancer patients and improve their cancer treatment. Some of the important aspects that help cancer patient deal with their condition are as follows:

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  • Daily exercise or any type of light physical activity – It is an important factor to have some physical activity according to their health condition. It gives them a sense of better feeling and helps them to fight the disease powerfully.
  • Supportive family members or friends – A cancer patient goes through a tremendous amount of stress and needs emotional and mental support. A supportive family member or a friend can help them to cope with the difficult situation confidently and provide emotional support.
  • Get enough sleep – It is important to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily to improve health, mental state, and treatment outcome.
  • Healthy food habits – Healthy diet is an important part of a cancer patient dealing with their disease. Having nutritious and healthy food will help them acquire energy and nutrition to fight the disease. A healthy diet also aids in managing the side effects of cancer and improves health conditions.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol – The intake of alcohol and tobacco smoking will put an adverse effect on their health condition and will hamper their treatment progress. To deal with the disease it is recommended to completely avoid tobacco smoking and intake of alcohol.
  • Positive behaviour – Positive thinking can help them to cope with their disease effectively. It may show improvement in their health condition.


Cancer is a life-threatening disease and certain types of cancer can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. A few changes in the lifestyle can bring an exponential difference in the scenario.

The risk of developing cancer is very high due to lifestyle and environmental factors. Awareness of cancer may help to prevent the disease.

By educating people on the risk factors and by modifying lifestyle changes and understanding the importance of regular check-ups and cancer screening can improve survival rates.

Early detection of cancer aids in quick recovery and offers many treatment options. It helps them to deal with the disease confidently.

Cancer and lifestyle are interrelated and the situation can be improved by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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