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How a Medical Insurance Helps to Relieve the Burden on Cancer Patients?

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Cancer treatment is a very expensive ordeal that some patients may not be able to afford. But just because they don’t have the means to afford the treatment plans does not mean they don’t deserve to have their illness treated.

For those patients and many others, a system of insurance that is purely for medical purposes has been introduced to take care of the financial stress that comes along with the disease.

The medical insurance cover for cancer patients has been a big relief. The cost incurred during the treatment includes in-visit clinic treatment, hospitalization, surgery cost, second opinion, and telemedicine.

The reimbursement totally depends on the company policy and IRDAI guidelines.

The patients who had inhibitions to start the treatment considering its huge cost were able to undergo treatment due to their medical insurance.

Medical Insurance covering Telemedicine

Telemedicine has been a big saviour during a pandemic and its legalisation was a huge step. During this pandemic, the most preferred consultation for cancer has been telemedicine.

As it does not require the patient to in-visit the clinic and consultation are obtained at the convenience of home.

Many cancer patients opt for a second opinion before starting their treatment to reassure and reconfirm their treatment plan.

Taking a second opinion has been found beneficial for the patient. To seek treatment through telemedicine became a common practice during the pandemic.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has taken a big move and issued few guidelines on telemedicine and provided a huge relief to the policyholders. Following are the guidelines issued by IRDAI on telemedicine:

  1. Medical Council of India has issued ‘Tele Medicine practice guidelines’ on 25th of March 2020, enabling registered Medical Practitioners to provide Healthcare using Tele Medicine”.

    “In the above background, insurers are advised to allow telemedicine wherever consultation with a medical practitioner is allowed in the terms and conditions of the policy contract.”
  2. “Telemedicine offered shall be in compliance with the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines dated 25th of March 2020 and as amended from time to time.”
  3. “Provision of allowing telemedicine shall be part of claim settlement of policy of the insurers and need not be filed separately with the Authority for any modification.”

    “However, the norms of sub-limits, monthly/annual limits etc. of the product shall apply without any relaxation.”

This big decision has changed the life of many for good. As a cancer patient’s immunity is compromised, the online consultation and treatment have proved beneficial to them.

Many hospitals even offered nurses to take care of the cancer patient for maintaining better safety and social distancing. If hospitals get crowded then the chances of the infection get increased.

The patient could avail many such benefits without going through the financial burden.

The patient can consult a doctor from any part of the country without worrying about travelling.

By paying a timely premium they can avail many such benefits. Though, the reimbursement of the expenses totally depends on the medical insurance company policy and IRDAI guidelines.

Medical insurance companies covering cancer treatment

 According to a research paper on cancer, mentions that in India every year nearly 10 lakh people are diagnosed with cancer and approximately another six to seven lakh deaths occurs due to it.

In the coming years, the number may increase tremendously. It is the right time to take initiative to bring changes in the scenario.

With the help of medical insurance, people can now avail better treatment options and increase the rate of survival.

Cancer patients go through a lot of physical, emotional, and mental stress. The cost of cancer treatment is huge and everyone can’t afford it due to their financial constraints.

As a preventive measure, a good medical insurance policy can help them in such a critical condition.

It is even true that medical insurance plans have some limitations. The benefit associated with medical insurance is huge and helps to acquire better treatment plans and saves many lives. 

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death across the world and proper steps need to be taken to minimise the deaths. Life is precious and can be saved with timely and appropriate treatment.

Usually, cancer insurance covers numerous costs associated with the diagnosis and treatment of this daunting disease.

Hence, it provides peace of mind to the cancer patient and aids them in fighting the disease effectively.

The reimbursement of treatment depends on the cancer stage and on previously admitted claims under the policy.

Even few policies cover entire cancer check-ups during the policy term. All these benefits can be availed only with regular paying of premiums and during the policy term. Renewal policy differs from policy to policy.

Medical insurance policy reduces the financial stress of the cancer patient

Medical insurance offers many benefits to its policyholder. When a patient is detected with cancer, they go through a lot of trauma and suffering.

In that situation, the right health policy supports them to fight with the disease confidently. With a proper health policy, a cancer patient can opt for better treatment and expect recovery.


The diagnosis of cancer is very stressful for the individual and their family. The right health policy aids in their recovery and increases their survival chances.

Having a policy not only helps them to relieve financial burden but also provides them with high-quality treatment options. Cancer treatment is very expensive and the right policy offers them many treatment benefits. It is better to opt for a cancer specialist health plan.

A comprehensive health plan covers many cancer expenses associated with its treatment. There are many companies that offer better cancer policies and aid financial support to cancer patients and their family members during the treatment period.

The policies even provide tax benefits and offer additional support to the cancer patient. It would be a wise decision in considering a cancer policy to overcome its worst outcome.

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