The Top 5 Reasons why you should get a Medical Second Opinion

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The news of cancer diagnosis in itself is devastating for the cancer patient. It not only affects the patient but also their family and friends. Without getting worried it is better to find ways to treat the disease effectively and efficiently.

One needs to remain prudent in this situation and get a better insight into their condition. It is not always viable to depend on a single recommendation and start treatment without knowing its exact outcome.

The patient need not panic in this state and instead take a wise step to set right the situation. In these circumstances, another perspective can in fact bring a whole lot of change.

A Medical second opinion is valuable as it reassures and reconfirms the line of treatment and brings more confidence in the patient to deal with the situation.

Often a question strikes a patient that when should they ask for a second opinion. They don’t need any reason for this action as a second opinion offers better depth on the course of treatment.

Still, there are a few reasons when they must take a second opinion. The initial doctor may suggest a line of treatment but before validating the treatment it is better to obtain a second opinion.

The first doctor’s decision is not always necessarily being taken as the right suggestion and it is wise on the part of the patient to get confirmation on the treatment plan. A second opinion refines the proposed initial treatment.

They must go on exploring the diagnosis and treatment unless it makes proper sense and brings confidence to their course of treatment. A treatment supported by a patient always gives a better outcome.

Reason # 1 - An incorrect diagnosis can be life-threatening

In many cases, it has been found that an incorrect diagnosis made the patient’s condition worse. When a misdiagnosis takes place it often leads to mistreatment.

The patient’s actual illness remains untreated and they undergo treatment for another illness. In these circumstances, the condition of the patient deteriorates and may be fatal. Mistreatment may lead to serious consequences which may be avoidable if the patient approaches for a second opinion.

A misdiagnosis delays the recovery and worsens the situation. An early accurate diagnosis can actually bring an overall change in the line of treatment and improves the condition of the patient through better treatment options.

A second opinion protects the patient from the worst consequences and saves their life. A second opinion aids in reducing the risk of misdiagnosis.

The pathological report may not be always accurate if the pathologist is not that proficient in that particular disease. An expert pathologist dealing with cancer patients gives a better outcome and reduces the chances of misdiagnosis.

Reason # 2 - In case of no improvement in symptoms

The patient undergoing a treatment plan but without showing any improvement in symptoms can be demoralizing. Cancer can be fought with a proper mindset. So, it is very important that the patient trusts the treatment plan to bring a better outcome.

In case if the symptom persists and the patient doesn’t feel better then they must reach out for another opinion or else their health will suffer. Life is valuable and needs proper care. A right diagnosis can bring overwhelming results and improve the condition of the patient. They must feel comfortable with the treatment plan.

Reason # 3 - If diagnosed with a rare or life-threatening disease

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In the case of diagnosis of a rare or life-threatening disease, a second opinion plays a significant role. The risk of misdiagnosis may cost a life.

To cope with a rare disease is in itself challenging. The unknown fact of the disease can be frustrating.

The misdiagnosis may be due to the following reasons:

  • If the disease is rare and doctors don’t have much knowledge of that specific condition
  • Due to non-specific symptoms
  • Due to an unusual symptom
  • Lack of information on that particular disease
  • Symptoms overlap with another condition

It is better to take a medical second opinion from an experienced expert doctor dealing with that particular condition. The opinion of the second doctor will help in getting the best treatment available for their condition.

Reason # 4 - If the recommended treatment involves surgery

It is wise to gather proper knowledge before agreeing to surgery. A surgery may shell out a lot of money and even be risky.

Before opting for surgery it is necessary to take a second opinion to understand the need for the surgery and its outcome. The patient should be confident enough on the line of treatment to bring better results.
The patient needs to be absolutely sure that no other alternative treatment would bring a better difference in their situation.

Reason # 5 - If the treatment strategies are unclear

In case the initial doctor is unable to offer logic on the treatment strategy and the patient is confused about the course of treatment, then the patient must take an expert opinion.

It is not always possible for a particular doctor to remain completely informed about all the latest treatments and clinical trials.

A second doctor may provide an alternate treatment appropriate for the particular condition of the patient. A patient deserves better treatment and another perspective may show improved treatment response.

Note :

A survey shows that in 23% of cases change of diagnosis took place and in half of the cases a different line of treatment was proposed.

It is the right of a patient to look for an opinion good for their wellbeing. A second opinion validates the doctor’s line of treatment and educates the patient on their treatment outcome. There are many different reasons when a patient finds it necessary to get a second opinion.

It is a wise decision to take additional opinions on the way of treatment. An unbiased second opinion directs the patient to a better and healthy future.