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How to Manage Uncertainty associated with cancer?

By February 17, 2021No Comments
How to Manage Uncertainty associated with cancer

Cancer can be frightening and the uncertainties associated with it don’t end even after treatment. Living with uncertainties is common among cancer patients or cancer survivors. It may not be easy to stay with uncertainties but life has to go on.

To make life meaningful, they need to learn to stay with uncertainties with a positive attitude. It is quite obvious that cancer survivors are worried about their future and the side-effects of cancer treatment.

A cancer survivor can continue their life happily by being optimistic. Coping with cancer may be difficult but not impossible.

To live optimistically with cancer is possible with a few lifestyle changes. It is better to find ways to improve life rather than getting worried and leading a depressing life. 

Good nutrition and physical activity help to cope with the side-effects of cancer. It is important to take care of the body and mind. A cancer survivor living optimistically and cheerfully can make themselves and their loved ones happy.

They need to understand the value of life and as long as they live they must lead a better life. Every life has ups and downs and to deal with it is a challenge.

Cancer patients and cancer survivors may be worried about their future and the reasons are most common.

Cancer treatment fear and its side-effects

The side-effects of the treatment like fatigue, nausea, pain, physical changes, etc. may bother but can be well dealt with by discussing with the physician and through nutrition and physical activity.

It may worry them to remain dependent on others for basic daily activities but with few changes in life, it can be handled.

They may not be able to perform the activities they once loved doing, but life goes on and they may find some interesting activities which they may be able to do and enjoy it.

Unpredictable future 

The future may be uncertain for them and having plans may be difficult due to certain health conditions. They cannot predict whether tomorrow they will feel better or not. So, it is better to have a flexible plan. 

Confusion about the treatment 

The cancer patient stays in a dilemma whether the treatment plan will work for them or not. If they find improvement in their treatment plan then the confidence may come back.

So, before starting treatment they must take a second opinion to become confident about their treatment plan and a second opinion helps them to find the appropriate and latest treatment option.

It is important to have another perspective on diagnosis and treatment.

Fear of cancer recurrence 

Cancer survivors have the fear of cancer recurrence or second cancer. Life is unpredictable for everyone so one must lead a quality life by remaining positive.

They should think beyond cancer and divert their mind into constructive activities rather than thinking about what may happen in the future.

Getting worried about the unknown will only spoil the present so remaining optimistic about the future will make life better.

Fear of death

They may struggle with the fear of death and losing their loved ones. It is better to talk to their doctor and look for a better treatment option and the outcome of the treatment.

The advancement in medical science has increased the chances of survival. It is important to remain positive and stop worrying about death.

To manage uncertainty it is important to lead a better life. It is not only important for the cancer patient but also for their family and friends. If they stay anxious and stressful then that may affect the whole family.

They may opt for holistic therapy to calm their mind and think better and positive. In life some situations are controllable and few are not.

So, wasting time on what may happen it is better to remain positive and engage the mind into productive thinking on how to make their life meaningful.

The importance of staying healthy

Staying healthy is very important for a cancer patient. It is important for them to educate themselves on their diagnosis and treatment plan.

They can expect a better outcome if they are confident in their line of treatment. A regular cancer screening of certain cancer can help them detect cancer.

Cancer detected at an early stage will increase their chances of survival and may help them to manage their uncertainty to some extent.

If the situation becomes unmanageable then they must consult a qualified counsellor to guide them and reduce their anxiety.

They may even join a cancer group and know about other’s experiences on how to tackle the situation. They must take care of their nutrition and do some exercises to keep themselves healthy.

Well balanced nutrition and regular exercise will help them stay active and aid in dealing with the side-effects of the cancer treatment.


Despite their uncertainty, they must try to be optimistic about their life. A cancer survivor goes through a lot during their treatment and needs emotional support from loved ones to deal with the outcome.

The uncertainty affects everyone and they have to be strong enough to deal with the situation. They can try holistic therapy to calm their mind. Listen to the music they love and try to think beyond cancer.

It is better to fight with the situation rather than go on thinking about what may happen and spoil the present. They can try yoga, meditation, and engage themselves in those activities or hobbies they love to do.

It is essential for them to follow-up regularly with the doctor and also gets their cancer screening regularly to avoid the worst outcome. They may not be able to avoid the mayhem but they can deal with it strongly and patiently.

They have to understand that cancer is not the end of the world it is just the beginning of a new chapter in life. It depends on the person how they deal with life. With a positive attitude, they can enhance the quality of life.

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