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How Risk of Cancer Proportionally Increases with Age and How to cope with it?

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How Risk of Cancer Proportionally Increases with Age and How to cope with it

Aging is a natural phenomenon with progressive physiological changes that causes a decline in biological functions. Aging is associated with behavioural and psychological changes.

The bodily function declines with ageing. The changes that develop along with age may be undesired but it is a normal process.

The changes are expected and cannot be avoided. Ageing may be the reason for developing various types of disorders.

Healthy ageing may postpone or reduce the undesired effects of aging. The aim of healthy ageing is to maintain physical and mental health, reducing chances of various disorders, remaining active and independent for a long. By making healthy lifestyle changes good health can be maintained.

  • Intake of a nutritious diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Being mentally active
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and diet
  • Avoid smoking
  • Environmental hazards
  • Regular health-care

Elderly people may have to cope with various ailments and it becomes difficult for them to cope with cancer along with those diseases. Moreover, with age, the strength decreases so it becomes difficult to deal with the situation.

Generally, older people may have to face a few chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, arthritis, and kidney disease.

The difficulty in choosing the right treatment

With age, the physical ability decreases and it becomes difficult to decide on their treatment plan. 

The doctor gets concerned about the person’s health due to their age. The doctor can’t offer all the treatment options to the elderly patient because of their age and health.

They are more worried about the side-effects of treatment. As an older person, they also deal with emotional and mental challenges. It becomes difficult for them to handle their health condition due to age and trauma of disease.

The doctor needs to choose such a treatment that is a better option for the elderly person.

The treatment plan must be taken considering their age and general health. The line of treatment should have fewer side-effects that can be dealt with by the aged person.

It is important for them to remain physically and emotionally strong to fight with cancer. Family support can help the elderly person to deal with the disease.

The right treatment plan can help them recover from cancer. The difficulty with them is that with age they have to cope with another disease or disability.

The doctor must consider having only those medical tests that are essential to start the treatment.

A second opinion is very important for them to decide on their treatment plan. A second opinion can provide confidence and offers reassurance and reconfirmation on their line of treatment.

They can freely talk to the second opinion doctor and clear their doubts. A second opinion is a better option for them as it gets difficult for them to in-visit a clinic and wait for their turn.

Even some may have a problem with mobility. They can consult the doctor online at the comfort of their home.

The older people avert going for regular check-ups and treating their ailments. Many health care clinics provide special facilities for older people like medical check-ups at home and telemedicine facilities.

There are some doctors who home visit elderly people if they have difficulty in travelling. They must take their health seriously and get in touch with the doctor whenever needed.

This healthy practice would help them reduce the risk of cancer and its side-effects.

Importance of nutrition and physical activity 

Nutrition is very important for them, and they can take advice from a qualified nutritionist and get a customised diet plan according to their age and health condition.

A well-balanced diet is an important part of cancer treatment and reduces the risk of other health issues. A better diet plan provides energy and increases their immunity to remain healthy. 

They must also engage themselves in light physical activities that suit their physical ability. Staying healthy is very important for them and with age different ailments affect elderly people.

Elderly people must focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle reduces the chances of cancer and different ailments associated with age. A sedentary lifestyle will only make them inactive and reduce their physical abilities.

They become more dependent on others. They may not be able to perform all the tasks they used to do before when they were young but they can do light tasks and perform their daily activities independently. They must learn to live independently.

During their treatment, they must stay safe as some may have difficulty in moving around due to weakness and dizziness.

The side-effects of cancer treatment should be dealt with efficiently to reduce further complications. They can engage themselves in some sort of hobbies to divert their mind.

Doing yoga and meditation under supervision shows better results and provides the strength to fight the side-effects of treatment. They must take help from their health care team whenever needed.

They can talk with a counsellor if they suffer from depression or any other mental issues.


An elderly person can seek help from their family and friends for emotional support when detected with cancer. They must talk with their doctor about different treatment options available and the one that best suits them. If not satisfied with the treatment plan it will be beneficial to take a second opinion. A better lifestyle with some physical activity and good nutrition enhances their quality of life.

Ageing reduces the physical and mental abilities of a person. An elderly person may have a higher risk of cancer. It is important for them to remain conscious of their health and have regular check-ups to detect health issues. Cancer detected at an early stage increases the chances of recovery and reduces further complications. Elderly people must adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain their health and reduce the risk of cancer.

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