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How to effectively prevent cervical cancer through regular screening?

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cervical cancer screening

Cervical cancer is the malignant tumour of the cervix and can be prevented by regular screening and by taking the HPV vaccine. The main cause of cervical cancer is due to infection with certain types of Human Papillomavirus.

Cervical cancer affects the deeper tissues of the cervix and may spread to different parts of the body. If cervical cancer remains undiagnosed and spreads to other parts of the body it may be lethal.

To prevent the spread of cancerous cells in the body it is important to be diagnosed at an early stage. Hence, regular cervical cancer screening should be done to prevent its dangerous outcome.

Cervical cancer is one of the most common reasons for death. Nearly 86% of all deaths due to cervical cancer take place in low-middle income countries and approximately 25% of global death takes place in India.

It is of immense concern and preventive measures must be taken to avert the outcome of the disease. 

Approximately 160 million women in the age group of 30-59 years are more prone to developing the disease in India. It is preventable if diagnosed at its initial stage.

Cervical cancer, when detected at an early stage the chances of survival, is more but at the advanced stage it becomes deadly and the treatment options get restricted. 

According to a study, approximately 90% of death in women takes place due to lack of prevention, screening, and treatment. It is better to remain aware of the devastating disease.

With technological advancement in medical science, the device used to detect cervical cancer gives accurate and reliable diagnosis and increases the chances of early detection.

Some of the important features of the device used to diagnose cervical cancer are under-mentioned.

  • The device for screening cervical cancer is light-weight, automated, and portable.
  • The cervical cancer screening is done without having any physical contact hence lowers the chances of contamination.
  • The device offers a high-quality image.
  • The LED light of the device ensures better visualization and image capture.
  • The reports are generated in real-time.
  • The device has a powerful magnification lens with superior quality imaging and video capture.
  • The device provides a reliable and accurate diagnosis.
  • It uses smartphone technology and is AI-enabled.
  • It can detect problematic lesions more precisely than the traditional Pap test.

Cervical cancer is a preventable disease and timely screening of cervical cancer ensures that no one dies of it. Cervical cancer screening enhances women’s health and saves lives by identifying early cancer detection.

Benefits of cervical cancer screening

Cervical cancer screening can detect precancerous changes and can be prevented with timely intervention. Cervical cancer screening can reduce cervical cancer incidence and mortality rate.

Cervical cancer screening helps in preventing the outcome of the disease by identifying the abnormal cells.

The existence of cancerous cells may later lead to cancer and then spread to other parts of the body and the situation aggravates. Early detection of cervical cancer increases the chances of survival.

Cervical cancer is one of the most common reasons for cancer death. It is the most preventive cancer if detected early.

The best way to detect cervical cancer is through screening as screening offers accurate and reliable detection of cervical cancer. It is affordable and can easily be availed.

Cervical cancer screening can prevent the outcome of cervical cancer and offers a quality and healthy life.

The impact of awareness on cervical cancer screening

By increasing awareness about cervical cancer screening many lives can be saved. Most people are unaware of its dangerous outcomes.

It is important that cervical cancer gets detected early or else the chances of recovery decreases.

Women of the lower-income group remain undiagnosed of cervical cancer due to less knowledge about the disease and due to financial constraints. They cannot easily access proper health care services.

People with less immunity have greater chances of contracting the disease. So, they must take all preventive measures to avert its outcome.

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Women must follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent themselves from this daunting disease.

Many patients have a history of cervical cancer and it may run in their family. The chance of development is higher in these family members.

Hence, they must undergo regular screening of cervical cancer to avert its consequences. If detected early the treatment plan can increase the chances of recovery and the disease is preventable.

The perfect way to prevent cervical cancer 

Regular screening can prevent cervical cancer. Screening aids in finding the pre-cancerous cells and can be removed with proper treatment.

If pre-cancerous cells remain undiagnosed it may lead to cancer and makes the treatment more difficult for recovery.

An HPV vaccine can aid in preventing cervical cancer in children and young adults against some specific HPV infections.

To limit the exposure to HPV as HPV is passed from one person to another through the infected part of the body.

By avoiding smoking one can reduce some chances of contraction of the disease.

Cervical cancer can be prevented by undergoing immediate treatment after the pre-cancerous lesions are detected through screening of cervical cancer. Early detection and early treatment have the potential to cure cervical cancer.

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Cervical cancer disease is largely preventable and with early detection and treatment, it can widely be controlled.

The main reason for the higher mortality rate of cervical cancer is due to unawareness as to the reason that maximum percentage of women approach for treatment only when they reach their advanced stage.

The condition gets complicated in the late stage and the treatment becomes difficult. Though this cancer is preventable but due to a lack of knowledge and preventive measures it has a higher mortality rate.

Regular cancer screening can totally change the scenario and can increase the chances of survival. Early detection of cancer can improve the condition of the patient and helps them to lead a better and quality life.

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