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How Awareness of Cancer is the First Step to Dealing with this Disease?

By December 16, 2020No Comments
Cancer Awareness

Cancer awareness plays an important role to combat the dreadful disease. To fight the disease, adequate knowledge and understanding are needed. The existence of many myths surrounding cancer needs to be busted to increase the rate of survival.

The awareness about cancer can change the whole scenario and make people get more aware of the preventive measures available.

The major factor for the increase in cancer cases is ignorance, the time factor, lethargic attitude, financial condition and lack of awareness, etc.

Every single life is precious and many lives can be saved by raising awareness on cancer. By inspiring people and providing them with access to better healthcare options, the disease can be controlled.

The social stigma surrounding the disease can only be reduced with proper education and with an increase in the number of health awareness programs.

In fact, before recent times, people were hardly aware of the disease, its diagnosis, or treatment. Nowadays, people have better options for diagnosis and treatment and the survival chances have increased significantly.

Awareness about cancer can be raised by organising an awareness campaign. The following steps are followed while organising a campaign:

  • To build the most effective message for the promotion that aims to increase awareness and excitement among the participants to attend the campaign.
  • To set a time frame suitable for participants’ attendance for conducting the awareness campaign.
  • To have proper marketing strategies to conduct the awareness campaign so that more people get involved in it.
  • To make a proper step-wise plan of conducting the campaign keeping in mind the target participants to make the campaign successful.
  • To spread information about the campaign on some of the popular channels available including social media, emails, phone calls, and website messaging to make it a successful campaign.

Cancer is a daunting disease and every year this disease is responsible for taking many lives. It can affect anyone and puts the patient and their family into terrific trauma. 

According to a study, 30% to 50% of cancer is preventable. People must be encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle, regular screening, and staying away from cancer-causing risk factors.

By increasing awareness among the participants, more people will opt for cancer screening and remain aware of their condition.

If an individual is diagnosed with cancer at an early stage then the chances of recovery increase.

The awareness program increases the level of knowledge and significantly reduces the adverse effect of the disease.

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Role of health consciousness

The more people get conscious about their health the more the disease can be prevented. There are lots of benefits to following a healthy lifestyle.

There are many factors responsible for cancer such as smoking, unlimited alcohol intake, environmental hazards, unhealthy food habits, obesity, etc.

To prevent cancer one must adopt good habits such as exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, intake healthy and nutritious food, regular screening, remaining aware of any physical changes or health issues.

If any difference is noticed then it is better to first consult an expert. Regular screening is the best way to prevent the progression of the disease.

Importance of cancer screening 

By increasing, awareness of the benefits of cancer screening will help in preventing the disease to some extent. Cancer screening can detect cancer at an early stage which increases the chances of recovery.

An early diagnosis makes the patient aware of their condition. It can save lives and reduce the outcome of the disease.

Cancer screening can even detect cancer in an asymptomatic cancer patient. The early detection of cancer will help them deal with the disease efficiently.

As cancer progresses it becomes difficult to treat. Early detection provides more treatment options and increases the chances of recovery.

Awareness campaigns in institutions like schools, colleges, and corporate houses

Many schools, colleges, and corporate houses conduct an awareness campaign for raising awareness among students, teachers, professors, and corporate employees. A cancer awareness program can bring a lot of difference in increasing the survival rate.

A cancer awareness campaign aims to reduce the risk of cancer and educate them to identify the symptoms early. It also encourages them to undergo cancer screening to diagnose the presence of cancer cells even if they are asymptomatic.

Cancer awareness educates them on preventive measures and the adverse effects of smoking and alcohol drinking.

Cancer can be prevented to some extent if the guidelines on the prevention of cancer are followed. With technological advancement screening of certain types of cancer has become easier and is also safe.

Moreover, the latest cancer screening device can screen a large number of people and diagnose cancer early. The device is AI-enabled, radiation-free, reliable, accurate, does not require physical contact, and cost-effective.

The corporate houses conducting awareness campaigns help their employees to understand the importance of early detection of cancer and the need for regular cancer screening.

A little initiative taken by corporate houses, schools, and colleges can bring a big difference in reducing the outcome of cancer.

The person attending the awareness program not only gets aware of the preventive measures themselves but will also educate their family on the same.

A greater number of people gather knowledge about cancer and its preventive measures.

The campaign motivates the participants to help their families and the people in their neighbourhood about the disease and the importance of early detection.

They are encouraged to abandon the bad habits that increase the chances of cancer.


A cancer awareness program helps to deal with the disease properly and efficiently.

It aids in recognising the symptoms and preventive measures and also about the importance of regular screening to detect cancer early to increase the chances of survival.

Awareness about cancer aims in decreasing the deaths caused by cancer. Cancer detected at an early stage will have greater chances of recovery. It provides knowledge of the key risk factors of cancer.

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