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Cancer and how Social Stigma Comes in the Way of Receiving Proper Treatment

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Social Stigma

A cancer diagnosis brings lots of trauma along with it. The social stigma associated with cancer affects the patient mentally and emotionally. The societal taboos associated with cancer make the scenario worse.

People ignore health-related issues and approach the doctor when the situation deteriorates and goes out of control. The negative connotation is associated with the diagnosis of cancer.

People are less aware of the benefits of regular cancer screening. To bring change in the scenario awareness among the population is essential. The myths and misconceptions associated with cancer are also responsible for the growing social stigma of cancer.

The social stigma associated with cancer is a hindrance in cancer control. People avoid going for regular cancer screening due to the fear of the disease.

They are unaware that with regular cancer screening the disease can be diagnosed at an early stage. An early-stage diagnosis increases the chances of recovery and increases the survival rate.

At an early stage, many treatment options are available which may not be possible when the disease is detected at a later stage. Hence, it is important to clear out the myths and misconceptions associated with cancer.

Society needs to change along with time and encourage people to confidently face the disease.

The myths and misconceptions bring negative perspective towards the disease

The myths and misconceptions associated with cancer can worsen the situation and success can only be achieved with a proper mindset and appropriate treatment.

By encouraging patients and showing the positive effect of treatment it may be possible to overcome the social stigma associated with cancer.

  • Fear of diagnosis – People avoid regular screening with the misconception that if detected with cancer they may get secluded from society and family. But the fact is that if cancer is timely detected it is curable and it increases the chances of survival.

    People are less likely to go for physical exams to bring out the cause of symptoms. With technological advancement screening of some specific cancer doesn’t even require any physical contact. The screening can be performed through an automated AI-enabled device.
  • Fatal disease – Many consider cancer to be a fatal disease and are unaware of the latest medical advancements that increase the chances of recovery and survival. Social awareness can educate people and bring clarity to their views.

    Cancer is not always fatal and with timely diagnosis and proper treatment, it can be cured. There are many people all over the world who have won over this disease successfully. The disease can only be fought without fear.
  • Pain and Suffering – A patient goes through a lot of pain and suffering due to the outcome of this disease. The financial burden makes the situation worse.

    The health condition will deteriorate if timely and proper treatment is averted. Patients can avail health insurance to reduce the financial burden. With proper guidance pain and suffering associated with cancer can be reduced.
  • Vulnerability – A cancer patient goes through a lot of physical, mental, and emotional stress. With the support of family and friends, the stress level can be reduced. A proper diagnosis and treatment can help the patient recover fast.

    The mental pressure associated with cancer can be reduced with appropriate knowledge of the disease. The patient can feel better with proper guidance. It is important for the patient to remain positive about their health condition and treatment.
  • Isolation – The diagnosis of cancer may isolate the person in society. The cultural myths and misconceptions linked with cancer puts a negative impact on society.

    By educating society on this issue changes can be achieved. The cancer patient should not be isolated from society.

    Their family and friends need to be supportive to provide a positive attitude to the patient. The patient can remain healthy with the right attitude towards the disease.

Cancer awareness can bring change in society

Cancer is associated with negative perceptions and can only be removed by increasing awareness among the population. The effort to increase cancer awareness gets negatively affected by social stigma.

The emotional, social, and financial devastation is often linked with cancer. After the detection of cancer, the patient feels it’s the end of their life. But one needs to understand that with technological advancement in medical science the chance of survival from cancer has increased.

The recovery rate has increased as well with the development of medical science. Many latest treatment options are now available for cancer. People need to come out from this social stigma to fight the disease.

Society has to be more open about cancer and encourage people to deal with it confidently.

Cancer is often considered a fatal disease hence it increases the fear among people. It is essential to educate people about cancer and bring clarity to their views. The cultural myths and misconceptions must be cleared out to bring change in the perception of cancer.

A deeper and clear insight into the disease is essential. Cancer education must be initiated in schools and colleges to raise awareness among the community. Cancer-related social stigma must be positively addressed to bring significant change into society.


Cancer is a devastating disease and is associated with numerous myths and misconceptions. With a positive outlook, the social stigma related to cancer can be removed.

Cancer can be controlled by getting over the fears and stigmatic thinking of society.  Cancer survivors can come forward and discuss openly the benefits of timely intervention and appropriate treatment.

It is essential for people to understand that cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. The disease can be defeated with the proper approach. Awareness of the disease can play a vital role in the prevention and control of cancer.

There is a lot of scope to bring positive change into society and increase awareness among the population.

It is important to make them understand the benefits of regular cancer screening. With proper and positive approach cancer can be prevented and controlled.

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