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Is There Any Cancer Remedy? Can cancer be cured naturally?

By December 3, 2021November 3rd, 2022No Comments
Is There Any Cancer Remedy? Can cancer be cured naturally?

“There’s always hope beyond what you see.”

Cancer cure needs determination, hope, and confidence to face adversities. It is not only about surviving but leading a healthy and wonderful life with zest. Nowadays, so many treatment options are available and many people are leading normal and healthy life even after going through the turmoil of cancer.

Anti-cancer drugs are found to be effective in the treatment of cancer. Its usage depends on the severity and condition of the cancer patient.

Many people opt for natural treatment to cure cancer but no proper evidence is available to prove the claim that natural treatment can cure cancer.  Though some of the natural remedies provide relief from the signs and symptoms of the disease.

# 1. Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is often hyped more than it does. It is available in different potencies and several forms. Cannabis products are illegal and carry restrictions on their usage. Cannabis oil is said to destroy or shrink cancerous tumors.  No clinical trial has proven the effectiveness of curing cancer with cannabis oil.

# 2. Manipulating pH Levels

Alkaline Water

It is assumed that drinking water with a higher pH value can enhance metabolism and thus improves the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients. 

Some even assume that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment and think that something alkaline may slow or stop cancer growth by balancing the body’s pH levels. But there is no scientific evidence to support this concept.

Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet is assumed to change the pH level of the body. It is thought that changing the pH level of the body may prevent cancer as cancer cells are believed to thrive in acidic conditions. The link between an alkaline diet and cancer is yet to be established. But a balanced diet may help to tackle the condition during cancer treatment. 

# 3. Laetrile

Laetrile, also known as amygdalin is a naturally occurring compound used for the treatment of cancer. During clinical studies, laetrile showed a little anti-cancer effect. Laetrile is not approved in many places for use as a cancer treatment.           

# 4. Curcumin

Curcumin is found in turmeric and is used to treat many diseases in Asian medicine. It helps to slow the spread of cancer and chemotherapy gets more effective, protects the healthy cells from radiation.

Some research suggests that curcumin aids in preventing or treating cancer. Though not sufficient evidence is available to establish this statement but researches are going on.

# 5. Intestinal Enzymes

Pancreatic enzymes are found to manage the symptoms of digestive issues and also help to cope better with cancer treatments. 

# 6. Natural Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals are natural compounds to prevent, impede, delay, or cure cancer.  The anti-oxidant properties of phytochemicals help to protect the DNA from carcinogens. They even reduce inflammation.

Note :

The treatment of cancer and the probability of getting cured depends on the type and stage of cancer. The detection of cancer at an early stage improves the chances of survival. People respond differently to cancer treatments.

Natural treatments claim to cure cancer but no scientific studies have established the statement. The ongoing researches in this field may bring some hope to the life of cancer patients.

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