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Should Large Corporations Hold Health Program and Regular Cancer Screenings for their Employees?

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Health Program

An employee health program and regular cancer screening provide numerous benefits. These health programs have become a part of the company benefits package.

Employees are encouraged to follow healthy behaviours to remain fit and active. They are provided with incentives, social support, and fitness plans to adopt and maintain healthy behaviour.

This program increases the efficiency of an employee and they become more devoted to their work.

The company too benefits as employees become more productive and it also reduces health-related absenteeism.

Regular screening of cancer protects the patient from adverse health issues. It also helps to diagnose cancer at its early stage when there are more chances of survival.

Early detection of cancer has many treatment options and it also saves the patient from further suffering.

The company does not need to bear the huge health costs for their employees as a cancer treatment is expensive.

Cancer detected at a later stage gets complicated and the treatment cost increases.

A health program is beneficial for any corporation, small, medium, or large. It improves the health behaviour of an employee and even reverses chronic diseases. It protects the patient from serious ailments.

The program acts as a disease preventive program which is beneficial to both employees and employers.

Moreover, the company can get benefitted from having an active healthy workforce. A health program has several benefits.

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  • A health program brings a drastic change in the employee’s health behaviour – It promotes health consciousness among employees.

    With the right knowledge and social support, they change their health behaviour for betterment. It lowers health risks and protects them from chronic diseases and thus reduces medical costs.
  • It reduces the chances of serious illnesses – The employees get encouraged to follow a healthy lifestyle. They get motivated to lead a disciplined life with a balanced diet and exercise.

    Their wellbeing directly affects their work quality. They get more focused on their work. They remain healthy and avert the chances of serious illness.
  • A health program reduces healthcare expenses – By adopting a healthy lifestyle and going for regular cancer screening reduces the outcome of serious illnesses.

    By regular screening, cancer can be detected at an early stage, and the chances of recovery increase. By remaining healthy the healthcare expenses reduce.
  • It elevates employee productivity – With good health, the employee gets more energetic in accomplishing their job. Their work quality improves and they get more productive.

    A healthy and efficient employee is an asset to the company as they help the company to grow. With good health their absenteeism from work reduces and they get more focused on their job.

It is a fact that healthy employees healthcare cost is less than unhealthy employees. Lower health cost is beneficial to employee and employer.

Promoting a healthy habit through health programs and cancer screening encourages the employee to remain healthy and lead a quality life.

It is found that a health-related program inculcates healthy behaviour in an individual and encourages them to remain more aware of their health. A physically and mentally healthier employee is more productive than an unhealthy employee.

It curbs the risk of lifestyle-induced diseases. Employees show higher concentration levels by leading a healthy life.

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Benefits of attending a Health program

A healthy program reduces the risk factor arising out of an unhealthy lifestyle and reduces morbidity and mortality rate.

It is a powerful tool to make the employees healthier and productive and reduce healthcare costs. The employees adopt a healthy lifestyle with improved morale.

It reduces absenteeism from work with higher job satisfaction. Their quality of work increases and helps the company to grow. It increases better teamwork among employees and improves their dedication towards work.

Employers benefit from conducting health program and cancer screening for employees

A health program and cancer screening on a regular basis prevents the suffering of employees and promotes healthy living.

An employee shows a huge change in their health behaviour and gets conscious of their health.

It not only keeps the employee health but also improves the work culture. Employees become productive and dedicated to their work.

An employee attending the health program reduces the medical cost and the company can save a good amount on medical spending.

A screening program brings awareness of cancer among employees and aids in maintaining good health.

It saves the employer from spending a huge amount of cancer treatment.

A poor health choice leads to a higher risk of health-related issues. A healthy person is more dedicated to their work than an unhealthy person. Employee leading a healthy life shows better performance in their work.

They remain more motivated in doing their job efficiently. The absenteeism gets reduced and they get more focused on their job.

They can handle job-related stress effectively.


Employees are the most important asset in an organisation and their wellbeing matters a lot. A healthy employee aids in the growth of a company.

The company organising the health program and cancer screening are more concerned about their employee’s wellbeing and takes this initiative to keep them healthy and happy.

The employee shows improvement in their quality of work and the company performs better with a healthy and happy workforce.

This program helps in retaining the employees for a longer time with high morale towards their work. They get motivated to achieve their goals and aspirations.

The employer takes the responsibility for its workforce health and the employees don’t have to take stress about their health cost.

A healthy and happy employee reduces the health cost burden of the company. A health program increases the self-esteem of the employee.

A regular cancer screening protects the employee from the adverse condition. They get more aware of their health condition which increases their confidence level.

Their wellbeing enhances productivity and their performance becomes outstanding. The program helps them to lead a healthy and quality life benefitting even their employers.

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