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3 Cancer Misconceptions that people generally have

By December 3, 2020No Comments
Cancer Misconceptions that people generally have

Cancer being the second largest cause of death across the world, it carries several misconceptions along with it. An incorrect perception of cancer may even hinder better prevention and treatment choices.

Cancer should be dealt with wisely without getting panicked after its detection. Life doesn’t end with the detection of cancer.

The ongoing development in healthcare offers better treatment options and aids in recovery.

Technological advancement has made tremendous progress in this field and survival chances have increased.

Cancer Misconceptions # 1 – Cancer is contagious

Cancer is not at all contagious. A healthy person cannot contract cancer from a cancer patient. There is no evidence to prove its authenticity that cancer can spread from one person to another.

Cancer patients have compromised immunity and are more susceptible to contract the disease than a normal healthy person. A healthy person’s immune system identifies foreign cells and kills them.

The only probability of contracting the disease is through organ or tissue transplantation. If the donor had cancer in the past then the risk of transplant-related cancer exists.

Though, the risk is incredibly low, doctors prefer donors without having any cancer history.

Misconception # 2 – All cancer screening process is harmful to health

It is a myth that all type of cancer screening is harmful. Though, some cancer screening processes may emit radiation and are harmful to health.

But the development of technologically advanced screening device for certain cancer does not emit radiation and are artificial intelligence-enabled.

The diagnosis is reliable and accurate. Hence, the saying that all cancer screening is harmful to health is not right.

Moreover, this device has the ability to detect cancer in its early stage when symptoms don’t even show up.

People can opt for screening through this latest device and lead a healthy and safe life.

Misconception # 3 – If cancer runs in the family, the person will get cancer too

Cancer occurs due to harmful changes in the gene. Nearly, 5 to 10 per cent case of cancer occurs due to harmful mutations.

This type of cancer is hereditary and the percentage is very low to be afraid of. A regular check-up and screening can help to control its outcome.

A maximum percentage of cancer is non-hereditary cancer caused by mutations due to harmful exposure to the environment or natural factors etc.

Keeping aside all these cancer misconceptions people must take preventive measures and deal with it proficiently.

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