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How regular breast screening reduces the risk of breast cancer in the future?

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Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer screening plays a vital role in the early detection of cancer before the onset of any signs or symptoms of the disease. Breast cancer screening checks the presence of abnormal or cancer cells and aids in detecting breast cancer at its initial stage. 

Earlier people had a dilemma to approach for a preventive cancer screening due to the social stigma associated with it.

Though mammography of the breast helps to find breast cancer early, having regular mammograms may be harmful as it emits radiation.

While the radiation amount is less but still going for it on a regular basis has its risk factors.

Breast self-awareness too plays an important role as it can help to notice any symptoms such as pain, presence of lumps, or any changes in size.

Breast self-exam helps in early breast screening and in taking timely advice from the doctor. 

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A timely breast screening aids in finding cancer early when it’s rather easier to treat. At times, mammograms too may miss some cancers and show false-negative test results, which further delays to find cancer and its treatment.

How advanced technology aids in early and accurate detection of breast cancer?

The presence of a social stigma often prevents early breast cancer detection. The reluctance to go for mammography is quite common. 

In many cases, the unwillingness to undergo mammography tests prevents early detection and treatment of cancer. Timely and accurate detection increases the chances of survival.

Breast cancer is a serious issue and needs to be handled appropriately. 

In order to improve the scenario, it is of utmost importance to undergo screening for early detection and treatment. To improve the survival rate, patients need to be detected at an early stage.

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology new and latest artificial intelligence-enabled devices are available to carry out the screening. 

The latest device has many beneficial features among which the best part is that it is AI-enabled and real-time cloud-based reports are generated. The latest device offers the following:

  • The screening is cost-effective, radiation-free, and can be performed without any physical contact
  • The device can automatically screen cancer through its built-in diagnostic platform and can be easily operated
  • It offers accurate and reliable breast cancer screening
  • Though it’s portable can be used for a large scale screening

This latest technologically advanced device helps in detecting cancer without any social stigma as it is AI-enabled.

Usually, in the case of mammography, the risk of radiation is associated whereas in this case, the device can screen breast cancer without emitting any radiation. 

Moreover, women experience discomfort in mammogram screening. The AI-enabled automatic breast cancer screening is considered safe and offers exceptional convenience. 

The aim is to serve more people and help in educating people about prevention and early detection of cancer.

Why is screening for breast cancer so important for women’s health?

A regular breast cancer screening helps to check for abnormal cells that may become cancer cells in the future. 

It helps to detect the abnormal cells in people who do not show any symptoms. When these abnormal cells are found at an early stage then the chances of recovery increase and cancer can be treated appropriately. 

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So, a regular breast cancer screening enhances the chance of survival and helps the doctor to treat the patient, before the outcome of any symptom.

How delaying diagnosis can be fatal?

Early detection of cancer ensures that the patient obtains proper treatment and cure but a delay in the same reduces the chances of survival. 

The goal of screening breast cancer is to detect cancer at an early stage as in a later stage the condition of the patient deteriorates. The delay in treatment can be fatal in later stages.

 Timely detection of cancer is very important to carry out the proper treatment and also increase the chances of survival. It becomes difficult to treat cancer when it spreads to other parts of the body. 

So, it is better to detect cancer when it is in the form of abnormal cells which later turns into cancer cells. These abnormal cells can be detected through regular breast cancer screening and are treatable in most cases.

The case of untreated breast cancer over a long period of time can be fatal as cancer never goes away on its own and needs proper treatment.

How breast cancer awareness increases the chances of survival?

Awareness of breast cancer can save lives. Breast cancer is a major issue across the world. It is the most prevailing type of cancer among women. 

The percentage of breast cancer is around 25% to 31% among all other cancers in women. Even the average age of cancer has gone down to 30-50 years from 50-70 years of age.

Breast cancer awareness is incredibly vital for early detection through screening when it can be treated proficiently.

An increase in awareness leads to a much greater number of screenings which results in a better understanding of the disease. 

The life of every woman matters and heightening the awareness of the disease increases the chances of survival. By making smart lifestyle decisions the risk can be lowered. 

Awareness of breast cancer reduces the social stigma associated with it and provides better knowledge of its consequences.

The important role of screening in the early detection of breast cancer:

Breast screening aids in the identification of breast cancer at an early stage. The earlier the detection conducted the more the chances of survival.

If breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage then it may not need chemotherapy and mastectomy (breast removal). 

With regular screening, the disease can be detected before it reaches an advanced stage and turns out life-threatening. Regular screening of breast cancer helps to lead a healthy and better life.

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