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Been diagnosed with cancer – how to deal with the stress?

By February 17, 2021No Comments
Been diagnosed with cancer – how to deal with the stress?

A cancer diagnosis is not easy to accept and a feeling may pop up that life is going out of control. It becomes unacceptable to believe in being diagnosed with cancer. One has to accept the fact that nothing is certain in life and ups and downs are part of life.

The ongoing development in medical science has increased the chances of survival. A cancer diagnosis is not the end of the world but it is the beginning of a new journey filled with many hurdles.

A battle can only be won with mental and physical strength. So, one has to remain strong mentally and physically to carry on the fight against cancer.

Cancer brings along with it a lot of emotional and mental stress. It is not that easy to deal with the stress but it is possible by bringing a few changes in life.

One has to come out of the fear of cancer and deal with its consequences. An experienced and expert doctor must be consulted to guide the cancer patient properly.

It would be better to openly communicate with the doctor about the doubts and the restrictions one has to follow to lead a healthy life.

The stress and anxiety associated with cancer is a common factor. The diagnosis of cancer may affect the normal life of the patient. The unpredictable future, treatment costs, physical changes, treatment side-effects may increase the stress level. The patient may have sleepless nights which may affect their health condition.

A cancer diagnosis is traumatic not only for the cancer patient but also for their family. It is better to come clean to the family when the diagnosis is complete as it will save them from going through trauma, in the unlikelihood of the treatment not going as planned.

This is especially important if the cancer is found in the last stage. Talking to family members will help reduce stress and it will be easier to find a treatment plan when discussed amongst other loved ones.

Hiding the disease will only cause pain to the family members.

Cancer can be dealt with with patience and calmness. It helps to take a proper decision on the line of treatment. Before deciding on treatment it is better to clear the facts about the cancer diagnosis.

The following steps may be followed to help overcome the stress associated with cancer.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle – After the diagnosis of cancer a healthy lifestyle must be followed and if needed modify the lifestyle accordingly.
  • Be aware of the physical changes – Communicate with the doctor about the possible physical changes and prepare for them before starting the treatment. It may include hair loss or skin issues etc. There are many cancer groups that guide the newly detected cancer patient on how to cope with the issues. To know it beforehand will help to cope with it later on and may help to reduce the stress.
  • Stay physically active – Remaining physically active helps to reduce the stress and the side-effects associated with cancer. A regular exercise regime helps to boost the mood. It keeps the cancer patient to carry out the daily activities. It may reduce stiffness and helps to lead a normal life. The exercise must be performed under proper guidance.
  • Do yoga under expert guidance – Performing yoga asanas help in handling the side-effects of treatment. It helps to remain calm even under stressful conditions. It improves physical condition and flexibility. It creates harmony between body and mind. It boosts immunity and helps to sleep better as cancer may cause insomnia. It reduces fatigue a common factor found in cancer patients. It improves the overall well-being of a person.
  • Practice relaxation techniques – Living in harmony can help the body to heal faster. By learning meditation techniques from a qualified trainer helps to calm the mind and keeps the mind strong during stressful situations. Music often calms the mind. Listening to music invigorates the mind. Many cancer patients may opt for art therapy to calm their minds and explore their imagination. It rejuvenates the mind and prepares the person to cope with adverse conditions.
  • Remain busy in work and hobbies – It is helpful for a cancer patient to remain busy in work or engage in hobbies they love to do. It helps them to think beyond cancer and diverts their mind. The work must be done as much as the health condition permits. It is always better to keep oneself engage in any activity to reduce the anxiety and stress associated with cancer.
  • Be in touch with friends and family – Sharing their thoughts with family and friends helps them to deal with the stress and anxiety of cancer. They provide them the strength and comfort to cope with the situation. It is better to have someone beside you during a doctor’s visit to have a better understanding of the health condition and provide support and advice when needed.


Cancer patients may have many different ways to cope with their stress and anxiety. A cancer diagnosis may affect the mental and physical well being of an individual. It is a life-changing experience that a patient goes through.

It is quite tough to handle the stress and anxiety related to the disease and the outcome of the treatment. It is of utmost importance to anticipate the physical changes before starting the treatment to prepare oneself to cope with the situation.

Engaging oneself in different activities helps to reduce stress. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, which includes performing exercises, intake a well-balanced diet, engaging in hobbies or works that one loves helps to reduce stress. During stressful conditions talking to a friend or family member provides support and comfort.

A doctor too helps the patient to deal with their stressful situation. A positive attitude towards life can help to cope with the stressful condition and lead a quality life.

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