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Second Opinion – An Expensive Ordeal or a Well Placed Investment

A Second opinion is a common practice undertaken by patients to reduce their health issues and financial risks. The rising cases of cancer and its complexities have increased misdiagnosis and mistreatment that further resulted in an increase in morbidity and mortality rate. A medical misdiagnosis and mistreatment are prevalent and dangerous. Hence, a second opinion… Read More »

Is There Any Relationship Between Cancer and Obesity?

Cancer and obesity may have been linked several times as obese people have the risk of developing certain specific types of cancer such as endometrial cancer, oesophageal adenocarcinoma, gastric cardia cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, gallbladder cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, etc. Though the evidence linking obesity to cancer is a limited study but people… Read More »

Should Large Corporations Hold Health Program and Regular Cancer Screenings for their Employees?

An employee health program and regular cancer screening provide numerous benefits. These health programs have become a part of the company benefits package. Employees are encouraged to follow healthy behaviours to remain fit and active. They are provided with incentives, social support, and fitness plans to adopt and maintain healthy behaviour. This program increases the… Read More »

Cancer and how Social Stigma Comes in the Way of Receiving Proper Treatment

A cancer diagnosis brings lots of trauma along with it. The social stigma associated with cancer affects the patient mentally and emotionally. The societal taboos associated with cancer make the scenario worse. People ignore health-related issues and approach the doctor when the situation deteriorates and goes out of control. The negative connotation is associated with… Read More »

How Cancer and Lifestyle are interrelated?

Cancer is a debilitating disease and may perhaps be prevented by adopting a better lifestyle. The rising number of cancer cases is partly due to unhealthy lifestyle changes. Cancer is the second-highest reason for death across the world. Nowadays, people have high-stress levels, irregular sleeping hours, unhealthy eating habits, etc. The factors responsible for the… Read More »

How Awareness of Cancer is the First Step to Dealing with this Disease?

Cancer awareness plays an important role to combat the dreadful disease. To fight the disease, adequate knowledge and understanding are needed. The existence of many myths surrounding cancer needs to be busted to increase the rate of survival. The awareness about cancer can change the whole scenario and make people get more aware of the… Read More »