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How can Cancer be managed as a Chronic Illness?

Cancer can be chronic just like diabetes or heart disease. Cancer may not grow or spread and remain the same with treatment. When cancer does not change with time then the cancer is considered chronic cancer. Chronic cancer needs regular check-ups and must be kept in close watch to remain sure that it does not… Read More »

How to support a family member diagnosed with cancer?

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases and to know that a loved one has been diagnosed with it, can be devastating. But instead of being scared and panicking, now is the time to support them with your presence and guidance so that they can feel assured during this trying time. Cancer is something… Read More »

Practicing Yoga during Cancer Treatment

Yoga creates a perfect harmony between the body and the mind. It has the potential to boost the immune system and reduce stress. The performance of asana along with specific breathing techniques can improve the physical and mental state of a person. It is presumed that the practice of yoga dates back to pre-Vedic Indian… Read More »

A Cancer Survivors Journey of Returning to Work

The journey of returning to work after surviving cancer is a bit difficult but not impossible. It may be hard to cope up physically and mentally after surviving cancer as a lot of changes before and after cancer takes place. If a person can fight a debilitating disease like cancer then they can very well… Read More »

Does Air Pollution Cause Cancer?

Air pollution is related to the outcome of cancer. The tiny dust particles and substances in the air are linked with cancer. The air pollution levels are higher in towns and cities due to the increasing number of vehicles on road. The impact of outdoor air pollution is more on the individual. People can’t just… Read More »

How to Manage Uncertainty associated with cancer?

Cancer can be frightening and the uncertainties associated with it don’t end even after treatment. Living with uncertainties is common among cancer patients or cancer survivors. It may not be easy to stay with uncertainties but life has to go on. To make life meaningful, they need to learn to stay with uncertainties with a… Read More »

How do Lifestyle Changes help to Improve Cancer Care?

A healthy lifestyle can bring major changes in a cancer patient’s life. Cancer is a debilitating disease and the patient needs to adopt a well-balanced life. As they undergo mental and physical trauma, a good nutrition and fitness regime is very important to maintain good health. A positive attitude towards life will help the cancer… Read More »

What is Second Cancer and how to cope with it?

Second cancer is new cancer that is totally different from previous cancer. It is unrelated to the previous cancer diagnosis. The advancement in medical science has made it possible to cure certain cancer. Nowadays, more and more people are surviving cancer than before. Some cancer survivors may lead their rest of the life cancer-free and… Read More »